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Homemade Peri Peri Chicken Recipe


1 Large Family sized chicken (I think this one was about 3-4kgs (Two med size ones will do as well)
1 Cup of Peri Peri Sauce (See recipe)

1. Butterfly your chicken by cutting out it’s back bone. (Hopefully I’ll get around to describing this in a post on this but there’s plenty of youtube videos)

2. Spread it flat in a dish and make several 1cm deep cuts into the flesh across the meaty parts.

3. Slather it on both sides with the Peri Peri sauce. This is one of the few times I will say DO NOT use your hands to rub in the marinade, the potential for serious chilli injury is at defcon 5. Use a basting brush or glove up really well.

4. Barbeque it on a grill (ideally over coals) flipping it every once in a while till it’s cooked.

Serve with fresh salad, slices of lemon and of course beer or wine!

Butterflied, scored and slathered with Peri Peri.

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Jocelyn’s Provisions – Pie Review

My friend Aaron and I decided to try out Jocelyn’s Provisions to road test their meat pies and sausage rolls. For those who don’t know of Jocelyn’s, it’s located in Fortitude Valley in Shop 8, Centro on James off Dogget Street tucked in amongst several stores. People swear by their sweet goods and the few times I’ve been there they’ve been packed out which got me thinking that perhaps the great pie search should veer in that direction. We got in just before lunchtime and asked what was available. I ordered the lamb and rosemary pie-$7.60 (yes it’s expensive but most artisan foods made with quality products are) and the sausage roll-$4.90.

Aaron was told there were no more duck pies so he went with the chicken and vegetable-$7.60 and a spiced beef gozleme-~$5.90, a Turkish pastry rolled out and filled with a stuffing, sealed and cooked flat. Sort of like a stuffed naan bread.

There’s no seating area there so we took off to New Farm Park to munch on our wares.
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