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Easy Home Made Super Thick Creamy Yogurt

When I was growing up we always had yoghurt in the fridge. It’s so cheap and simple to make. Some people stuff around with getting their milk to 84.67341°C and then trying to maintain temps while it forms. My Mum would mix a tablespoon of yoghurt into a bowl of milk, cover it in cling wrap and shove it on a shelf out of the way. 8 hours later it was yoghurt and ready for the fridge. No thermometers no special tools.  Full fat /or low fat milk can be used interchangeably.


Mum’s Method

Place milk in bowl.

Mix in 1 tablespoon of yoghurt.

Leave in warm place for 8-10 hours.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before use.
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Low Carb Sugar Free Blood Orange and Strawberry Icecream Recipe

NOTE: You can make regular sugar laden ice cream by substituting 1 cup of sugar for the sweeteners and only using none or at most 1 Tb of vodka.

Every time I’ve made sugar free ice cream it always freezes too hard when stored in the freezer. To overcome this I did a bit of research and it seems it’s the sugar in ice cream that greatly increases the chances of your ice cream being soft as the sugar molecules cause the water molecules to freeze into tiny soft crystals rather than larger rigid ones and lowers the overall freezing point of your mixture. Another method would be to use a small amount of alcohol as alcohol doesn’t freeze. As much as I love this sort of stuff I’m guess you’re going “Blah, blah, blah, too much science”, right?

The heap of rain that fell in Autumn and the subsequent dry very sunny winter months following that, resulted in a glut of strawberries this season in Brisbane. Strawberries are nice and all but I refuse to pay the $4-6/punnet that normally gets charged for them. Mainly because I rarely bite into them and taste anything but a watery lacklustre fruit, much like when you get a watermelon that’s not sweet. The conditions this year have been great for the consumer as we’ve been able to buy punnets for around $1/each (I even got some at 50c/each!) This season with the cheap strawberries I did actually try a few and managed to get a batch that was so sweet and delicious and only $1- Unfortunately the majority of the growers had pretty tasteless produce and even around the $1 mark I was disappointed with most of this season’s strawberry purchases.

With a fridge full of strawberries I decided to make some ice cream and experiment with my newfound knowledge on freezing points.

1kg Strawberries
1 Blood Orange (Zest and Juice)
1cup Milk
600ml Cream
4 Egg Yolks
1Cup Erythritol (Sugar substitute)
1 Cup (Sugar Equiv) Stevia/Splenda/Sweetener
1/2 Ts Plain Gelatine
2Tb Vodka

-Wash and hull your strawberries.

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Homemade Peri Peri Sauce Marinade Recipe

My friend John and I were walking around the Valley and saw a bag of chillies in the Asian store. Now I’m always up for a bit of heat so I broke a tiny bit off the end of one of them to see what the taste was like. HOLY CRAP that was a bad idea. It hit the back of my throat and began to burn intensely and boy did it have legs! A couple of minutes later we were walking out with a half kilo of bright red burning goodness.

We took them home, donned some surgical gloves and then spent the next half hour deseeding those little puppies. Even with surgical gloves on, our fingers were still burning! The idea being that John would take all the seeds to the farm and scatter them so that in a year or two we’d be well on our way to a chilli forest. The chilli flesh was left with me to work some magic on. I was also supposed to come up with a recipe that we could feasibly turn into a viable food product if the chilli forest actually took off.
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