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Cabassi & Co, Artisan Butchers

I’m always on the search for a great gourmet meat pie and sausage roll. Today I had to go get new glasses at Indooroopilly shopping centre. While I was there I walked down to Cabassi & Co, Artisan Butchers opposite Woolworths to see what meatporn was in the butcher window. Their adjacent Butcher’s Kitchen had a heap of pies and some enormous things that looked like meatloaf encased in flaky pastry. I assumed the giant meat cylinders were their version of sausage rolls.

I got chatting with the guy behind the counter and he informed me he made the pies ($7) and that they were all curry pies and that the large meat cylinders were beef and haloumi sausage rolls ($4.50). I mentioned my quest for the ultimate meat pie but I wasn’t going to have a curry pie due to them always being a disappointment. I ordered the sausage roll and while we were chatting he said he’d give me a taste of half of a pie as he had heaps left and they certainly weren’t going to be reheated and sold the next day.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the half pie. From a curry perspective, yes I wasn’t overly excited about the flavour. The pie however was one of the best constructed pies I’ve had in a long time. The large chunks of quality meat were cooked to a beautiful consistency. Some of it was stringing apart and the filling was predominantly meat with just enough gravy. The pastry was flaky and the half pie he handed to me retained it’s structural integrity through to the last bite without resorting to a dense pastry shell to do so.

I mentioned to him that just as I thought, the curry didn’t impress me (It wasn’t bad by any means in fact as spiced meat goes it was quite tasty but just a tad on the bland side for my liking), however if his other pies were made in the same manner as this was then I was definitely coming back! He thanked me for the feedback and I headed home with the sausage roll.

I did note that while I was chatting with him the burgers being made for some other customers looked absolutely fantastic. Quality ingredients, nice portions and freshly made, but it’s all about the taste so that’s for another day.

The picture doesn’t do it’s size justice. It’s about 6cm round by 8cm deep (2″ x 3″). This thing was so massive that I held off eating it till I got home and could weigh it. It came in at an impressive 350g (12oz)! At $4.50 it was also very well priced. Despite being an end of day product the centre was still extremely moist and the pastry was still quite flaky. The filling was tasty but with no particular spice or herb standing out, I think having a flavour leader could give it that something extra. The cheese had melted throughout and could still be tasted in some bites. Overall it would easily be in the top three store bought sausage rolls I’ve eaten.

I’m going to have to go back tomorrow because between the pretty girl waiting for her burger who kept smiling at me (most likely laughing at my overly enthusiastic conversation about pies with the guy behind the counter) and the large wall of aging meat hanging in the butcher window, I got extremely distracted and left the envelope containing my eyeglass prescription, receipt and appointment details sitting on the table. I rang when I got home and it’s being kept behind the counter for me to pick up which means while I’m retrieving it I’ll have to partake in more meat-pastry goodness!

I highly recommend you get there and grab a pie and/or sausage roll. They make a set amount and once sold out that’s it. The other items looked top quality and you can even treat yourself to some high grade meat from the butcher, pivot and walk over to the kitchen for it to be cooked for you!
The only downside is that it’s at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre which is chaos and mayhem for parking.

Cabassi & Co, Artisan Butchers
Shop 1065, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, 322 Moggill Rd
Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia

Mon 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Tue 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Wed 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Thu 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Fri 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
Sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sun 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

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Tukka Restaurant – Review

So my sister-in-law’s folks are on their first visit to Australia so we decided to check out Tukka Restaurant in West End. Tukka is very niche serving an array of native Australian animals up to their clientele. Seeing as this was more about taste sensations than filling up we decided to do our own degustation as we often do in restaurants by ordering as many dishes as we can and putting them in the middle of the table so everyone can have a pick at them. As nice as some the other dishes sounded we wanted to stick with predominantly unique Australian game.

I’ve copied the a la carte menu below and bolded the items we ordered.

We started with the possum and pork belly pie, emu liver pate, cured crocodile and a native platter for three (To share between the five of us)

df = dairy free,   gf = gluten free,   v = vegetarian,   $mkt = market price


Confit of Tasmanian possum and pork belly pie, sautéed brussel sprouts tossed with pepperberry pancetta and a davidson plum jus $19
Emu liver and port pate served with lightly toasted brioche and a cumberland sauce (gf)  $19
Pepperberry and lime cured crocodile fillet cooked sous vid, cider braised pears and a baby watercress salad with a mandarine reduction (gf df)  $19
 Forest mushroom and asparagus terrine, baby herb salad and a white truffle foam (v gf)  $18
 Coffin bay oysters shucked fresh, served natural with a preserved lemon and pink finger lime salsa (gf df)  $21/half  $36/Doz
Native platter: Our signature selection of native game meats, fruits, nuts, berries, spices with damper and dips all prepared in house by our chefs (gf df)  $21/pp
 Roasted crown of rabbit wrapped in prosciutto served with seared local scallops and lemon aspen and apple puree (gf df) (subject to availability)  $20

Our amuse bouche was a spoon of salmon tartare topped with fingerlime cream. Very tasty.

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Jocelyn’s Provisions – Pie Review

My friend Aaron and I decided to try out Jocelyn’s Provisions to road test their meat pies and sausage rolls. For those who don’t know of Jocelyn’s, it’s located in Fortitude Valley in Shop 8, Centro on James off Dogget Street tucked in amongst several stores. People swear by their sweet goods and the few times I’ve been there they’ve been packed out which got me thinking that perhaps the great pie search should veer in that direction. We got in just before lunchtime and asked what was available. I ordered the lamb and rosemary pie-$7.60 (yes it’s expensive but most artisan foods made with quality products are) and the sausage roll-$4.90.

Aaron was told there were no more duck pies so he went with the chicken and vegetable-$7.60 and a spiced beef gozleme-~$5.90, a Turkish pastry rolled out and filled with a stuffing, sealed and cooked flat. Sort of like a stuffed naan bread.

There’s no seating area there so we took off to New Farm Park to munch on our wares.
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